Amazing 2 weeks adventure…

I have had the best time of my life these 2 weeks. We spend 2 very quick 2 days in California. I was so very excite going to California , it was on my bucket list since I was a kid, but more importantly I was able to visit Matthew Kenney Acadamey (home of my mentor in Raw Plant Based food/cuisine)… I will be attending to complete my certifcation in Raw Plant Based Cuisine. What was really the highlight of the 2 days was when I met Matthew Kenney. I knew I would meet him when we presented our final project or on graduation day. For me it was really super to have my mate (the one making all this possible) meet him and have Matthew Kenney (who so down to earth, it was like speaking with a friend). I am really looking forward to start my classes.

SideNote… My mate had doubts that plant based cheese could ever taste like dairy based cheese, thanks to the  M.A.K.E restuarant he now cant wait for me to start making plant based cheese. That was just the appetizer plate. 

We continue our adventure in Vancouver BC: I was not sure if I would enjoy the change in weather … I normally say, give me the sun and sand under my bare feet. I live in flip flops so, shoes we quite a change for my tooties. Blisters on my heels were not fun, but we found these super blister band-aids that restored my joy! As for the weather, I can honestly say, if you are dressed well for it makes all the differents and it’s a blast here. There is just so many thing to do. We hiked and biked in along the sea wall and in the paths in the forests. We spend a day at Grouse Mountain and the Capalano Suspension Bridge. That in its self was an adventure! ( we walked to the skytrain, connect to the seabus, to connect to bus… lol). 

We will be flying back  soon, I really do not want to leave. I am looking forward to coming back. 

SideNote… if you have not yet heard of a Airb&b, google it. We didnt stay in hotels. We stayed in rooms people rent out. IT is a really neat way to meet and make a new friend. Our host was Charles in Yaletown. He was super helpful and his home is amazing. 


A day or two ago I saw a photo on a post from MK Academy.One of the student made mango yolk. I had seen something similar on “  ”   but it was called mango spheres. I like to eat Raw (&) Plant Based food. The recipes there can be tweaked to fit my way of eating/ lifestyle ( example: Arugula spaghetti… made with agar agar and arugula…which one could use Basil or Spinach.The Balsamic Caviar)  which is great. It is like you get to play with your food. The mango spheres pop when you poke them and run like a yolk of an egg. The caviar does the same, so you can top a salad creatively.

Now the site is not forever one, nor would I endorse every recipe of the site. As a chef, it has some super different way of being creative, that really are inspirational.  image